David Rodgers / Music Man Dave Jewish Music Shows:

Modern Jewish Music Show

This is available as a solo show with guitar/vocals, or a duo with David Rodgers and Rob Gutman, both former lead songleaders at Michigan’s largest Jewish summer camp, Tamarack. The duo show is featured in the demo video below. A variety of Jewish and Israeli pop, rock, folk, camp, and liturgical songs from the past few decades will be performed. Most selections include sing-a-longs (with provided lyric sheets) and “behind the music” type storytelling.

Jewish Music Children’s Show

David Rodgers is available to perform a Jewish music camp-style sing-a-long, with lots of fun and familiar songs from the likes of Debbie Friedman, Jeff Klepper, Dan Nichols, and more. This is geared towards summer-camp age children, but adults and younger children always love the show as well. The Jewish Music Children’s Show may also be combined with Music Man Dave (secular) original children’s songs and/or standard secular children’s songs, like those found in a standard Music Man Dave show.

Jewish Music Through the Ages – Piano Solo Show

This is a solo piano show which features the best of Jewish music melodies throughout the recent decades and prior, without singing. The show is available with or without teaching information regarding songs and meaning.