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Music Man Dave is a children’s music performer, songwriter, and recording artist based in the metro Detroit area. His debut album, “Mr. Pancake Man” was released in December of 2016 and includes thirteen rocking, clever, and dance-able tunes dealing with super-fun ideas like imagining you can fly, making pancakes and omelettes with family, dancing by moving various body parts, and acting like a variety of animals. A few songs also have learning concepts like teaching months of the year and counting numbers while taking a bath.

Music Man Dave’s non-stage name is David Rodgers. David is a former K-12 music teacher and summer camp song-leader who has penned songs for adults, kids, poetry, and business jingles. He gets inspiration for his children’s songs from his two sons, a three-year-old and one-year-old. David and his wife and kids live in Oak Park, MI. Contact him via email or phone listed on the contact page.

Children’s Music Show: Music Man Dave’s standard show is geared towards ages 0-7, but is generally enjoyed by older siblings and adults as well. He plays a large selection of original songs, as well as some well-known and lesser-known children’s songs that he has hand-picked as perfect for an interactive children’s show. Every concert includes movements, actions, singing, dancing, volunteers, and more – getting kids engaged and pumped up, being physically active, learning about music and other concepts, and having a ton of fun.

Children’s shows are available for:
Festivals and Fairs
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